This week I haven’t been very motivated to cook. Most evenings when I’ve come home I haven’t wanted to cook anything, so I’ve just had sandwiches for dinner. I’ve also had way more pick and mix than I should have had.

So you won’t get a recipe today, though I still have some recipes from last week and this week’s smoothies to share, but I don’t feel like writing up the posts and editing the pictures. instead I’ll give you a snapshot of what’s on my current ASOS wish list. I’m feeling autumny now that the mornings are getting so cold, and I need a pair of ankle boots that are not too high-heeled to go with my office dresses. I’m really feeling these slightly westerny ones, but I feel like they might be a bit too ‘trendy’. The other items I really don’t need – but lusting over anyway.

High heeled bootsTed Baker coatMilitary-style bootsWarehouse blouseWhistles colourblock skirt