pizza night

S isn’t here this weekend, so I’ve spent all day cleaning the flat. I’ve been really good – have cleaned the kitchen, cleared out the storage rooms, hoovered the whole flat, sorted out clothes and done laundry. Tomorrow I’m going to clean the bathrooms and mop the floors, but after 7 hours of cleaning and sorting I just didn’t feel like doing any more today.

So I went down to the supermarket to buy something for dinner. I’ve felt like having homemade pizza for a while now and decided to go for it. Feeling a bit lazy I bought a ready to bake pizza dough, and some mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, mozzarella and something called lomo. I’ve never seen it before (though I’m usually busy looking for the parma ham) but apparently it’s leaf thin slices of pork tenderloin that have been salted and slightly spiced and then air dried. It was actually really nice with the mushrooms and the tomatoes.

Now I’m sat in a flat all lit up by candles and watching tv, trying to ignore the fact that tomorrow is another weekend day without S.


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