review: poké bowl

I have never understood the traditional English ’workday lunch’. You know the meal deal from the supermarket, made up of a (often dry and boring) sandwich, a bag of crisps (that’s chips for you American English speakers) and a fizzy drink. First of all it’s so boring and unsatisfying and second, it doesn’t fill you up properly. And it’s not even nice bread – it’s plain white bread that’s not toasted though it’s made for toasting! (Side note on this: S and I have a standing ‘argument’ about the fact that I call it ‘toast bread’ because that’s what we say in Sweden whereas he says it’s just plain white bread. But if it’s meant to be toasted then it should be called toast bread. There is such a thing as a normal white loaf, but toast bread is not it.)

In Sweden it seems more common to have a cooked meal for lunch – we always got cooked meals in school, from kindergarten to age 18/19 when you finish high school – but in Stockholm it’s also very popular with salads. Almost everyone in my ‘lunch group’ at work has a salad most days of the week, and I just don’t understand that either. Sure, with a salad you can have more variation than with a plain sandwich from Tesco, but they also feel quite unsatisfying. Especially now that we’re getting into the cold part of the year.

Enter the poké bowl. Poké bowls have become extremely popular overnight it feels like, and within a five minute walking distance of my office there are at least three or four places where you can buy them.

Poké bowls are usually made up of sushi rice and some sort of protein and vegetables. Many people therefore seem to think they come from Japan, but it’s actually a Hawaiian thing. The most common bowl is sushi rice with salmon and some veggies – maybe avocado, edamame and pickled ginger – but I have also seen chicken versions and noodle versions. I don’t think a day goes by without someone at my office having a poke bowl.

20161019_120355 (2).jpg

Since I love sushi I don’t think it will come as a surprise to anyone that I liked this poké bowl – it’s basically sushi in a bowl. Since I don’t like mayonnaise I skipped the ever-so-popular chili mayo and poured soy sauce over my bowl instead (I love soy sauce).

I don’t think I would go out and buy a poké bowl, because if I’m going to spend 120 SEK (about £10.40 atm) I’d rather just buy sushi. I wouldn’t say no or be unhappy if someone else bought me one, but I think they’re a bit of a hype right now and, like you’ve already figured out if you’ve followed my blog for a bit, I’m not too keen on hypes. If something becomes a hype I tend to want to go the other way and not use/wear/eat it until the hype has died down a bit. But since this was a work lunch I was more than happy to eat it, hehe.

I did really like it though, and I would actually consider making it myself at home – since it’d be a lot easier than making your own sushi. Although making your own sushi is a lot of fun.

So all in all I thought it was very nice but I don’t get the hype and I don’t get people having the same bowl several days a week.


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