I’ve been feeling a bit low lately, which is why I haven’t been posting anything in a few days. I’ve kind of lost the motivation to eat well, and all I’ve wanted is sandwiches and sweets. I’ve stopped making the smoothies in the morning because I don’t have the energy to plan ahead. I feel tired all the time. I’ve been trying not to skip out on the gym, but I’ve also been feeling like I’m getting a cold, so I have skipped a few classes I was booked in for. I just want to pull the cover over my head and sleep through the day, which worries me a little because that’s how I felt the last few months in London.

I have a recipe for you – because I did make my cinnamon buns last week (and they turned out great thank you!) – but it’s a bit of a process to write it all down. I’ve also been trying some new food recipes (still need lunch for work), but I haven’t always been taking pictures of the dishes because I’ve mainly had them for lunch and it’s a bit embarrassing to be taking pictures of my lunch every day!

So I’ll get the cinnamon buns up next week. This weekend I just need to not really do anything and enjoy the fact the two days with my husband.



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