kale green smoothie

I can’t believe I’ve put two trends in one smoothie! And the day after I made the acai smoothie I posted about earlier as well. What’s happening to me?

Kale – or, you know, green cabbage – is another one of those super-trends I’ve felt like I’d rather miss out on. I’m not a big fan of cabbage in general (pak choi being the exception to the rule) and it’s just one of those foods where I feel like people have been eating it for ages – what’s with the recent hype?

Coconut water: also not a fan. I’ve tried it once when they were handing it out in the supermarket for free, but I didn’t like the taste of it. I bet you’re starting to wonder why I even made this smoothie!

Despite my adversity to kale and coconut water, I thought this smoothie could be nice since it has a tropical hint. To ensure that I did really get that tropicalness, I doubled the pineapple. But I still couldn’t taste much of it actually.

20160930_070916 (2).JPGIngredients (1 portion)

35g spinach

20g kale

0.5 avocado (ca 50g)

10 cm cucumber (ca 100g)

100g pineapple

330 ml coconut water

20160930_071709 (2).JPGI thought adding kale to a smoothie would be similar to adding spinach to a smoothie, but I was very wrong. The kale (obviously) has a completely different texture, which leads to the smoothie being a different texture too. I don’t necessarily know that that negatively affected it, but the combination of the fact that I could mainly taste the flavour of the kale and feel that texture of it wasn’t good. So the smoothie went in the sink after just a few gulps.

The coconut water on the other hand I think I could use in a smoothie again – and if I reworked the quantities to remove the kale, I could probably even try making this again. I’ve just cemented the fact that I really don’t like kale. So what am I now going to do with the remaining 100g+ that’s in my fridge?



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