acai smoothie


Just as I sat down to write this, I realised that I inadvertedly doubled the pineapple in this recipe. Woops. It tasted very nice though, so I don’t think it was too bad!

Açaí (I’m only going to do this spelling once) is another of those ‘super foods’ that I’ve been a bit sceptical to. This is not to say that I doubt the health benefits – most fruit, berries and vegetables are full of them – but I’m sceptical to the cult-like following it has gained. Acai bowls, acai smoothies, acai everything. A year or two ago acai was barely around in Sweden and now it’s everywhere!

According to a Swedish company that imports it, acai is “known as the king of the super fruits. It is completely ecological and grows wild in the Amazon forest. It contains the most antioxidants of all fruits and berries, and also contains omega fats, iron, and 26 other vitamins, minerals and fibre”. It’s got it all, so to speak, but with the Amazonian import need comes a quite hefty price tag. It is by far the most expensive fruit/berry in the frozen section of my supermarket, and I’ve long felt uncertain that it would live up to the price (i.e. why not just use lovely Swedish blueberries instead).

20160929_071444 (2).JPG

But I am running out of different smoothie mixes that are not too similar to each other – so I caved. I found a recipe for this on BBC Good Food, and since it had mango and pineapple and orange I figured that would mask the acai enough if I didn’t like it. I’ve had the Absolute Vodka Acai Berry before, but obviously didn’t know whether acai vodka and acai smoothies taste alike, lol.

The recipe called for ‘frozen acai pulp, thawed’, so I set out to find acai in the frozen section of my supermarket. After having scanned all the fruits and berries, I couldn’t see it, but I knew there was a health section and thought maybe they’d have something there. I headed over and found acai powder, but that was quite expensive and I felt that the bags were too large – in case I didn’t like it. So I ventured back to the frozen section, thinking I could replace the acai berries with blueberries, and when I picked up the blueberries I saw a sign for acai. I started digging around and there they were. So you’re getting an acai smoothie after all! (And after this you’ll get three more, because there were four ‘portions’ in each bag.)

20160929_072047 (2).JPGIngredients (1 portions)

100g acai ’pulp’

100g strawberries

100g pineapple (50g if you follow the recipe)

2 oranges

I was actually pleasantly surprised. I don’t know if it was the added pineapple, but it was quite sweet yet a bit earthy. I think it would make a great compliment to blueberries otherwise.

The only thing I’m not sure I agreed with is that the recipe said to defrost the pulp before making the smoothie. This made it really, really runny, and adding the juice form the two squeezed oranges was quite a lot (the recipe says 250ml orange juice – which is roughly the same depending on the size of your oranges).

It’s got a dreadful colour though – hasn’t it?



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