mango, spinach and passion fruit smoothie

I used my smoothie-boosters again!

When I bought them I was really excited about it, but they soon ended up in the back of the freezer not being used that much. I think I was a little bit disappointed because I didn’t feel that they added as much flavour as I’d hoped. But then that might just mean I need to use more of them.

Anyway, for this smoothie I halved all the ingredients but the boosters, and I think the flavour definitely came through stronger. More passion fruit for the people!


Ingredients (1 portion)

125g mango

50g spinach

6 pcs passion fruit smoothie-boosters

300 ml oat milk


I liked having spinach in the smoothie (I like spinach in smoothies in general) but I think it might also be nice if you remove the spinach and halve the oat milk – making it just a fruity smoothie. Or maybe with some pineapple? Worth thinking about.



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