strawberry, raspberry and cherry smoothie

What do you do when you don’t know what smoothie to make and don’t have that many ingredients left in the fridge? Why you throw together the little bits of what you do have left and make due!

During my cherry-phase this summer (I told you I was writing some of these posts very late!) I found one day that I was out of inspiration one day. I was about to go food shopping, so didn’t have much left in the freezer, and not enough cherries to make a cherry smoothie. I actually didn’t have many cherries at all – I don’t know why I just use them all in the previous smoothie!

Anyway, what I did have was a few cherries, a few raspberries, and some strawberries. I figured that goes well together, so I mixed it with the other thing I had – which was oat milk.

20160906_072355 (2).JPG

Ingredients (1 portion)

125g strawberries

75g raspberries

35g cherries

300 ml oat milk

I think it turned out nice, but I should have probably used water instead of oat milk. I don’t feel like the oat milk added anything (but calories) to it. It turned out nice and big though, and definitely tasted nice. Very summery.



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