green smoothie à la coffeehouse by george

On Friday last week I was having a rough day. I had a really bad headache and the morning was packed with work – no time to breathe! – and by lunch time I was exhausted. By 2 pm I was feeling in desperate need of a fika, so I went to Coffeehouse by George (a Swedish café chain) and bought a chai latte and a biscotti. I really needed that!

20160916_134800 (2).jpg
My fika 🙂

While I was waiting for my latte, I was looking at the smoothies they had placed in a bowl next to the till. The contents of one read ‘spinach, apple, kiwi, grapes, orange’ and I thought that sounded nice. I already had grapes left after my grape smoothies, an apple after my Granny Smith smoothie (I haven’t posted that yet) and kiwis since they were on offer in Ica the other day. Spinach is now such a staple that I always have some in the fridge or freezer, and I just replaced the orange juice with water.

20160919_072308 (2).JPGIngredients (1 portion)

50g spinach

1 Granny Smith

2 kiwis

100g grapes


20160919_072834 (2).JPGI think it turned out nice, if somewhat thick. Next time I would probably reduce the amount of spinach slightly, and use the juice of one large orange (plus water if necessary).




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