zucchini / courgette plant

In July when we went to visit my grandparents they gave us two courgette plants to bring back home. I gave one of them to my best friend, and kept the other to myself.

I have to admit I was very skeptical about growing the plant – because it was completely newly planted. But I’m starting to get some flowers now, so I’m really hoping it’ll grow some veggies before winter comes! I’m wondering if I need to play Mother Nature and help them grow though – since there can’t be many bees and such left to pollinate the flowers! I’ve read you can take a paint brush and stick in the male flower, and then brush the female flower lightly with it, to help the plant along. I might have to try that, because three female flowers have already fallen off the plant!

20160916_071903 (2).jpg

Wish me luck!



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