orange and honeydew melon smoothie

When I had my melon-crazy week and had a watermelon smoothie two days in a row and the other half as a snack after dinner, I also bought a honeydew melon to make this smoothie I found on Ica’s website. I wasn’t actually too sure whether I would like it or not, since it felt very simple and maybe like a slightly odd thing to make a smoothie on. But I tried it nevertheless, and I was pleasantly surprised.

I’m sorry that this post is so short and bland, but I’m really tired and I can’t quite be bothered writing more right now.


Ingredients (1 portion)

0.5 honeydew melon

2 oranges (large)

1 cm fresh ginger


The texture feels a little funny at first, because it’s basically just blended melon and orange juice. But it’s very nice, I promise.



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