oatmeal cookie smoothie

I really like the smoothies that taste fruity and feel healthy, but sometimes you want something that doesn’t. When I was browsing the entire internet (it felt like) for smoothie recipes not containing loads of specialty ingredients, I came upon this recipe and the title really enticed me. “Oatmeal cookie protein shake”. I can’t remember now where it came from, but it caught my attention.

Because of before-mentioned reasons, I removed the banana (half) that was present in the original recipe. I also couldn’t be bothered to buy almonds and almond milk only to make one smoothie that I might not like, so I used the oat milk and roasted, but unsalted, hazelnuts I already had at home.

When I took my first few sips this morning I was wowed. I thought it tasted so nice and that I would most definitely make this again. Preferably every week. Then I started getting down to the second half of the smoothie, and it became very floury and didn’t taste as nice anymore. This will be due to the fact that I removed the thickening agent (banana) and didn’t replace it with anything else. So if you, like me, don’t like banana, I would recommend adding quark or natural yogurt to the mix. (The hazelnuts and oat milk worked great though.)

With a few slight amendments I would definitely make this again. It’s a very easy version compared to many out there (no chia seeds or protein powder or raisins – euw) and probably tastes great all the way through if you thicken it up somewhat. And though I’m more than happy with fruity smoothies every morning, it was a welcome break saving my breakfast habits from being too monotone.


Ingredients (1 portion)

125 ml oats

250 ml oat milk

2 tbsp hazelnuts

2 tbsp maple syrup

0.25 tsp cinnamon

First blitz the oats and the nuts in the blender, then add the remaining ingredients and blend

The above is the recipe as I made it this morning. I would guess that replacing half the oat milk with quark would be a good start, seeing as the remaining ingredients are not the kind that go thicker when blitzed. If you try it – let me know!



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