watermelon smoothies

Is there anything that’s as nice as a juicy watermelon on a summer day? Yet at the same time there’s no other fruit that is as horrible to eat unripe. It feels like such a betrayal when you’re longing for that red, flavourful watermelon and instead you get some washed out pink version.

I’ve always loved watermelon (and I can even forgive it for having seeds!) and when I got introduced to watermelon juice I loved that too. The problem with watermelon juice is that whoever makes it often doesn’t care about removing the seeds, so you get all these little bits in your smooth juice. That’s where a smoothie is better.

My two local supermarkets do weekly deals for their customers, and the past two weeks one of these deals has been half-priced watermelon. Still being in the mood before my demotivation hit this weekend – I had been browsing smoothie recipes online and been on a few American sites that were making more juicy smoothies than healthy and protein-filled smoothies, and felt really silly that I hadn’t thought of making watermelon smoothies before. I then proceeded to make two in a row, and since I don’t want to be unnecessarily repetitive (thought I feel my smoothies are already getting there) I decided to put them in the same post.

One of these calls for the smoothie-boosters I bought in Ica. If you can’t get these (or don’t want to) you could probably replace them with frozen rhubarb or a rhubarb compote (if you like it sweeter – I like my rhubarb tart).

Anyway, without further ado I give you the most summery smoothies so far.

Ingredients (1 portion each)

Watermelon smoothie with strawberries and rhubarb smoothie-boosters

300g watermelon

125 strawberries

6 pcs rhubarb and ginger smoothie-boosters

Watermelon and cherry smoothie

300g watermelon

100g cherries

1 lime

As always they are really easy to make, and they come to 152 and 192 kcal respectively – which is interesting because I didn’t realise cherries had so many more calories than strawberries per 100g.



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