grapefruit and spinach smoothie

Grapefruit is one of those foods, isn’t it? You either like or loath it. A lot of people find it too bitter. Others think it tastes great. Some people douse it in sugar to be able to eat it. To be honest, if that’s the case I don’t really understand why you don’t just take an orange instead. (Yes, I know the flavour is different, but you’re masking the flavour with sugar anyway.) It’s like when I worked as a nanny and one of the children wanted to pour sugar over fresh pineapple. I was speechless.

Anyway, if you do like grapefruit, this is a really fresh smoothie. The grapefruit brings that slightly sour citrusiness while the spinach makes it a bit earthy, and then there are pops of ginger every so often.

20160818_071426 (2).JPGIngredients (1 portion)

2 pcs grapefruit

45g spinach

1 cm fresh ginger (grated)

6 ice-cubes

20160818_073107 (2).JPGI juiced my grapefruit when I made this – mostly because I didn’t have time to peel it and split it up into wedges – but the original recipe says to keep it whole. I can see the pros with both – with the juice it obviously becomes more fluid and with the wedges more solid. I did keep most of the pulp in mine though.

You can also use more ice-cubes to get more of a slush texture. I didn’t add more ice-cubes this time because it’s a 20 minute ride to work, so I figured they would melt and just make it more watery. But if I make this on a weekend I might add more, to get that texture.

With two large grapefruits that gave me 500 ml juice, this smoothie came to 202 kcal.



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