strawberry basil smoothie

A couple of weeks ago I had a friend over for dinner and we made Shakshouka. I’ve seen it online but never made it before. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I’d like it, because I don’t like egg yolk. (I know, I’m a child). It’s ok if it’s an omelette or the egg is similarly whisked/mixed, but if I get a boiled egg I only eat the white, and the same usually goes for fried eggs. And don’t get me started on runny egg yolks – yuck!

Since T said she really wanted to try this recipe and since it looked like the egg completely baked (i.e. I could remove the egg yolk when eating) I said I was up for it, and I did actually quite like it. It was kind of like a thick tomato soup with an egg and some bread.

Anyway, we were meant to garnish the Shakshouka with basil, but completely forgot, which meant I had a whole basil pot at home and nothing to do with it. I figured there must be some smoothie recipes out there involving basil, and got to Googling. I did find a few, and decided my first try should be this strawberry and basil smoothie, which felt like a safe choice.

20160817_072535 (2)

150g strawberries

50g spinach

6 fresh basil leaves

250 ml oat milk

20160817_073154 (2)

Unfortunately strawberry and basil doesn’t mix that well colour-wise, but trust me – it tasted a lot better than it looked! This big smoothie came to only 151 kcal.



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