sunrise smoothie (ie blackberry and orange)

The name of this smoothie feels very fitting. The orange juice and the dark blackberries make me think of the colours of the sun rising, and it’s a very fresh start to your morning.

I’ve had a lot of experience berry-picking when I was little, and we’ve always had loads in our garden and in the nearby forests. But one thing I don’t know if I’ve ever come across in Sweden is wild blackberries. In my part of London they grow everywhere, but I’ve never seen blackberries in Stockholm. I wonder why this is.

I’ve also realised that though I don’t write this out, I almost exclusively use frozen berries (and mango) in my smoothies. You’ll see this from the pictures of course, but I thought I’d mention it anyway. You can use fresh if you want, but frozen are so much more convenient and obviously keep better, as well as the fact that they give the smoothie a different texture.


20160809_071420 (2)

Ingredients (1 portion)

150g blackberries

2 oranges (medium) (juice)

150g quark or natural yogurt


20160809_072402 (2)

Another easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy, recipe from me. You don’t need quite as large oranges for this smoothie as you do for some other, as you only need 200 ml of juice instead of 250 ml. With those stats, the smoothie comes to 272 kcal.



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