Tranquil Tarn

I love green, but for some reason I don’t actually own that many green things. I have one green t-shirt (casual, non-work wear), one patterned dress in green and black (dark so not ‘too obviously’ green), one olive green dress with tan telephones on it (also not ‘too obviously’ green), and a pair of green sandals. When I actually realised how little green I have in my wardrobe, I went out and bought a pair of bright green chinos that I had been lusting over for a while – so they’re now my most green thing!

I also like green nails – mainly olive, khaki, or darker shades – but didn’t have a green nail polish either. Then recently I was in H&M and they were clearing out last season’s nail polishes. (H&M do cosmetics in some countries, but not in all unfortunately.) I bought this lovely shade of light yellow (same thing there – love yellow but only have three yellow items of clothing) that was perfect for those last weeks of summer. When I showed it to my mum, she said she’d been looking for a shade like that, so I went on a hunt for it in the other H&Ms in town, and while I did, I found this.

It’s called Tranquil Tarn and it’s a lovely dark evergreen shade – it’s almost so dark it looks like it has some petroleum blue in it in certain lights. I think it’s a perfect shade to bring in the autumn, and it’s a change from my usual pink and red palette.

On the nail front otherwise I’m doing rather well. My nails got really, really long a week or so ago, and I had a minor fall-back, nibbling them a little. But I told myself off, filed them down to a more manageable length, and got back on the nail polish wagon. My only problem is that my polish chips after one or two days (usually after having a shower or doing the dishes – so I know it’s moisture related) so I have to keep repainting them over and over!

This is two coats of Tranquil Tarn with a top coat.



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