oat pancakes

I feel like many of my posts begin like this – but I love pancakes! In Sweden we don’t just have pancakes as dessert – like people seem to in the UK – but you can have them (with sweet toppings) for lunch or dinner as well. S thinks I’m crazy when I say I want pancakes for dinner, haha.

We also don’t do this sugar and lemon thing. Oh no. Pancakes deserve real toppings. Different jams, apple sauce maybe, sugar and cinnamon, or, if you’re really feeling it, fresh fruit and whipped cream or ice-cream. And don’t get me started on Swedish waffles.

But, pancakes are not the most healthy lunch/dinner, and when I got the craving last weekend, I was thinking that I should try swapping my milk for oat milk. That in itself doesn’t make any difference really, but then I thought someone must have made pancakes with oats in them. So I Googled, and found a recipe where they’d replaced the flour with ground oats. So I thought why not try it.

20160821_120032 (2).JPG

Ingredients (2 portions)

200 ml oats (ca 70g)

200 ml oat milk

2 pcs eggs

0.5 tsp salt

butter (to fry)

Start by putting the oats in a blender and blending until you have a flour-like texture. Mix oats and salt with milk and then add the eggs.

Fry in butter on a high heat.

First of all, yes, I ate two portions. With apple sauce. And it was delicious.

Second, you don’t want to make these too large, because they don’t hold together as well as regular pancakes, so they might break when you try to flip them. I got six pancakes out of this mix, and they’re slightly thicker than normal ones.

As for the healthiness, they do have slightly less calories than normal pancakes, where 200 ml (120g white flour) contain 423 kcal, 200 ml (70g) oats contain 258 kcal. So the calorie count is slightly lower, and the fibre content higher. If you want the most health benefits from these pancakes though, you should fry them in as little butter as possible and enjoy them with fresh fruits. Or possibly just a pinch of cinnamon.



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