fish burgers with sweet potatoes and avocado

I love fish. And prawns, and crayfish, and lobster, and caviar/roe.. Seafood-wise I pretty much only don’t like squid/octopus and oysters (I don’t dislike them, I just don’t get the hysteria). Unfortunately for me, the man I want/am planning to spend the rest of my life with does not, so over the past few years I haven’t eaten as much seafood as I normally do.

I prefer breaded, pan-fried cod over battered, deep fried, and I want mashed potatoes, peas and a creamy – possibly mushroom – sauce to go with it rather than chips. (I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.) So when I found frozen breaded cod fillets in Ica I didn’t hesitate in buying them, and the first two times I made exactly that – cod with mashed potatoes and mushroom sauce.

This time, however, I wanted something easy and quick to make to bring for lunch, since I would have something different for dinner the night before and couldn’t be bothered standing there mashing potatoes. So I found this ‘recipe’ (almost no cooking involved so I don’t know if I can call it a recipe!) for fish burgers with sweet potatoes in the oven and avocado ‘cream’. I remembered that I had burger buns in the freezer from when we were moving in and thought it was as good a way as any to use them up.

I did make it in to a burger at work for lunch, but the day after, when I was having it for dinner and hence photographing it, I didn’t feel like the burger bun. Either way it tasted great.

20160817_180005 (2).JPGIngredients (2 portions)

300g sweet potato

2 fish fillets of your choice

2 burger buns

1 avocado

Olive oil

Lemon pepper


Black pepper

Cut the sweet potatoes into your preferred shapes, toss in about 1 tbsp olive oil and some salt and pepper, and cook in the oven at 225 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes.

To make the avocado cream, mash avocado with 1 tbsp olive oil and some lemon pepper.

Depending on what fish fillet you’ve chosen, you’ll either want to fry it or cook it in the oven. I had, as mentioned, a frozen breaded cod fillet, so I put mine in with the sweet potatoes for the last 15 minutes.

Serve the fish fillet in a burger bun with the avocado cream and maybe some nice tomatoes.

It really is easy – all you need to do is peel the sweet potato and the avocado, and it feels like quite a fast food, unhealthy, meal even though it’s not really. It’s definitely more fresh and better tasting than a Fillet O Fish!



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