strawberry, rhubarb and ginger smoothie

When I bought the passion fruit smoothie-booster I of course couldn’t help but also buy the rhubarb and ginger smoothie-booster. I love rhubarb. We used to have it on our garden when I was a kid and my mum used to make crumbles and rabarberkräm. Now kräm is one of those things that’s quite difficult to explain to people, but according to Wikipedia it’s called kissel in English. I don’t think that the explanation of kissel necessarily fits 100% with kräm, but I guess it’s as good as I’m going to get. Anyway, rabarberkräm is made by mixing rhubarb with sugar, water, and potato flour or corn starch and letting it boil for a bit to thicken. In Sweden we usually serve it with milk (Wikipedia said something about sweetened quark and semolina or on pancakes but that sounds weird to me) and you can make it with pretty much any fruits or berries.

But back to my smoothie. This feels like the least healthy smoothie I’ve made so far – probably because it contains apple juice. The funny thing about it is that it’s got the lowest calorie count of the ones I’ve made so far, while it feels like I’ve gone and bought a sugary fruit juice in a shop somewhere. It’s very nice though, but I think better enjoyed on the balcony in the summer sun than as breakfast after a 6 km bike ride.

20160817_175836 (2)

Ingredients (1 portion)

130g strawberries

6 pcs rhubarb and ginger smoothie-boosters

250 ml apple juice

20160816_073230 (2)

I also added 100 ml water because I felt that it was a little difficult for my small blender blade to handle. If you let the strawberries thaw a bit, or use fresh, you probably wouldn’t need to.

Six smoothie-boosters came to 45g, and with those stats the smoothie came to 151 kcal. So it’s not a bad smoothie, and I’ll probably make it again – just not for breakfast on a work day.



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