cherry and cinnamon smoothie

When I went food shopping the first time after I’d bought my smoothie blender I went a little bit overboard with the frozen fruits and berries. I was really excited that it was so easy and that I’d gone a full week with a different smoothie every morning, so when I stood at the freezers with my list in hand I not only got what was on it (which was basically frozen blackberries) and got 500g raspberries, 750g strawberries, 250g blueberries, and 250g cherries. I could barely fit it all in my own freezer (where I already had mango, red berries mix, two packs of smoothie-boosters and half a 250g pack of strawberries) when I got home!

But it means that I’m now always ready to make something basic at least. Many of the recipes I have on my to-try-list include freshly squeezed orange juice – or some other fresh ingredient as well as frozen – so when I want to make them I’ll still need to plan ahead. But on mornings like when I made this cherry and cinnamon smoothie (last Friday – because I post one thing a day at the moment, things are not actually posted on the days they’re made) it’s great.

I had planned to have another protein smoothie with red berries, but on Thursday evening when I was browsing recipes I suddenly had a thought. I knew I’d been tempted into buying frozen cherries and after seeing a recipe for a cherry and cinnamon pie, I thought why not make a cherry and cinnamon smoothie? I love cherries, but it’s not something I buy very often (fresh ones are so expensive) and I cook with them even less (one word: pips!). But now I had frozen and already pitted cherries at my disposal, so I made up the following recipe based on the quantities in my previous smoothies.

20160812_071525 (2).JPGIngredients (1 portion)

150g frozen cherries

100g quark or natural yogurt

150 ml milk

0.5 tsp cinnamon

20160812_072424 (2)It was really nice, but it tasted a bit like winter! The weather in Sweden decided to do a dive last week – I was nice and sunny but so cold; several mornings in a row it was only 10 degrees when I’ve left for work. On Thursday it was hailing! – and I’m not quite ready for autumn to be here yet. Last year when we got married in late September it was still 20 degrees outside.

Anyway, back to my smoothie. Like I said it was really nice, if somewhat Christmassy-feeling, and I think I got the quantities down quite well. You could probably up the cherries a little, to 200g, if you wanted to get even more cherry-flavour, but I think this was a nice mix. The calorie-count on the above recipe is 221 kcal with skimmed milk and 0.2% fat quark, and adding another 50g of frozen cherries would up that by 35 kcal.



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