blackberry and passion fruit smoothie

Determined not to be dissuaded by the slight failure to the strawberry and passion fruit smoothie, I made this blackberry and passion fruit smoothie. Back in the saddle and all that.

The original recipe claims it’s for 2 portions, but I don’t know how that’s possible since you wouldn’t even get a full glass out of it in that case. I adapted it by quadrupling the amount of blackberries while keeping the amount of passion fruit smoothie-boosters and orange juice the same. I then realised it was a little too thick, so I added a bit of water to get the perfect texture. And this time I really did get my passion fruit explosion. (The recipe below is my adapted version. For the original, go to

This smoothie is a bit like the kiwi, spinach, mango and orange one I made, in the sense that it tastes really refreshing and feels more like a fruit juice than a smoothie. The ones without quark (or natural yogurt) have a completely different feel to them, and though I really like the thicker and creamier texture of quark-smoothies, popping in one of these in between is a good ‘palate cleanser’. The lack of quark obviously cuts down on the health benefits (i.e. protein – 12g per 100g for the one I usually use) but it also cuts down on the calories, since the amount of berries and orange juice often remains about the same. The exception would be the green smoothies, where some of the berry-weight is replaced by avocado or spinach or such. The ‘juice smoothies’ are also not as filling since they’re thinner, so they’re probably better to have on a morning where  you’re not too hungry.

On that note, I have no idea how people who do these ‘juice detoxes’ do it. It’s probably one of the worst things I could imagine. I’ve done 5:2 (and I actually think that worked very well for my kind of personality) but then you can eat loads of vegetables. I’ve also done the meal replacement shakes (my mum and I tried it when she was running a weight-loss centre to know what it was like and so I would lose a kilo and be able to zip up my borrowed ball gown) but again, I didn’t just have the shakes. I can diet, I can cut calories, but I need something solid during some point of the day or I’ll just be in a bad mood. I also don’t really know if I believe in it that much (so shoot me) but I can understand that it’s a very motivating thing if you follow through and it can probably be a great kick-start to a more sustainable diet (not diet as in lose weight but diet as in the food you eat). I know just as well as anyone else that when you’re feeling, let’s say, ‘not your best’, seeing a big decrease on the scales in a short amount of time is very motivating. Never mind that it’s mainly water-weight, it’s a start – a kick in the butt.

You couldn’t do a juice detox on these kinds of smoothies though – you need to either do a lot of studying to know how to fill them with all the nutrients you need or buy those ready-made kits from juicing companies. (That’s another reason I don’t like juicing or meal replacement shakes – they’re so overpriced and people get very dependent on buying them.)

20160811_070733 (2)

Ingredients (1 portion)

100g blackberries

6 pcs passion fruit smoothie-boosters

3 medium-sized oranges (juice)

30 ml water

20160811_071745 (2)

Doesn’t the smoothies get such a lovely colour when they’re made with blackberries?

The smoothie-boosters weigh about 52g for six, and three medium-sized (or two large) oranges will give you around 200 ml juice. I then added some water, and here you can go as much or as little as you want. With those stats this smoothie comes to 190 kcal.

I think that it would probably also be quite nice with some quark or natural yogurt. In that case I would start by adding about 50g and see what happens texture-wise. If that worked out ok I’d make it 100g and maybe just up the water a little. 100g quark would add 55 kcal.



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