strawberry and passion fruit smoothie

Passion fruit, like pomegranate, is one of those fruits that I love the taste of but rarely eat. The reason is spelled seeds.

I’ve never liked seeds in anything. Watermelon, grapes, clementines, oranges – the list goes on. I remember when I was little and my mum couldn’t (and wouldn’t for herself either) buy clementines with pips in them. She asked the guy in the supermarket if he knew if this specific sort was pipless, which he didn’t, so then he proceeded to open about three or four clementines to check if they were. Wasn’t that sweet of him?

But back to the passion fruit. I really, really like passion fruit. The flavour lends itself well to so many things – desserts (ice-cream!), smoothies, fruit juices, sauces/dressings, etc. – but I never cook with it myself or eat it raw because of those huge and annoying seeds. They’re just not nice. So when I saw this recipe on Ica’s website (non-Swede FYI: Ica is a supermarket chain) that called for a ‘passion fruit smoothie-booster’ I was intrigued. What was a smoothie-booster? I Googled it and turns out they’re just little frozen blobs of passion fruit – without the seeds! They also come in rhubarb and ginger flavour and something with banana in it.

Needless to say, I was very excited to try and make a smoothie with passion fruit flavour without the hassle of de-seeding it.

20160810_071453 (2).JPGIngredients (2 portions)

250g frozen strawberries

4 pcs passion fruit smoothie-boosters

400 ml natural yogurt

2 tbsp oats

2 tsp honey

20160810_072518 (2)The original recipe on Ica’s website is for two portions, so I halved most of the ingredients. My recipe therefore (at first) read: 150g strawberries, 2 pcs (17g) smoothie-boosters, 200 ml (350g) quark, 2 tbsp oats, 1 tsp honey.

When I tried to blend this, however, I quickly realised that I had no chance – it was way too thick! I added 100 ml oat milk and tried again. This time it was better but still a bit thick, so I added another 50 ml oat milk and got a good texture.

Unfortunately, this meant that my smoothie didn’t taste very much of either strawberry or passion fruit. I know that quark is a bit thicker than many yogurts, but I still think that’s too much. I mean it came to 350g!

When I try this again (and I will) I’m going to do 150g strawberries, 4 pcs smoothie-boosters, 100g quark, 100 ml oat milk, and 2 tbsp oats. I think the honey was completely redundant and (even though it’s just a small amount) just adds unnecessary calories.

Anyway, as was, this smoothie came to 369 kcal – but that’s with 52 added kcal from the oat milk. I don’t see how you could do it without it though. Maybe if you had fresh strawberries? Or chose a very runny yogurt? But then the yogurt would possibly have more calories and sugar than the quark. Oh well, I’ll update you on my next try and how it went.



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