green smoothie with mango and avocado

This is the first smoothie that I actually haven’t liked. I don’t know if it’s the mixing of spinach and avocado or if it’s the fact that the avocado stayed a bit lumpy (mine was probably a teeny bit too hard), but I couldn’t finish it.

I have to admit that I cheated a little and made this smoothie for lunch on Sunday. I’d had the avocado and strawberry smoothie for breakfast – which was really nice, so it’s not that I don’t like avocado in smoothies – and then I ran some errands in the afternoon, so came home quite late and thought another smoothie would be the best lunch option. So I made this one, and I didn’t dislike it, but I didn’t really like it. The problem was that I hadn’t taken any pictures – and what is a food blog post without pictures? – so I had to make it again!

The first time I followed the recipe apart from the fact that I decreased the amount of oat milk a bit. The second time I doubled the mango, thinking this would make a difference, but I could still barely taste any in it. So this wasn’t a favourite and I won’t be making it again.

But, if unlike me, you think you might like this – here’s the recipe!

20160808_071304 (2)

Ingredients (1 portion)

25 g spinach

75 ml frozen mango

0.5 orange (juice)

50 ml quark or natural yogurt

150 ml oat milk

20160808_072336 (2)

This is the non-doubled mango version of the smoothie, and it comes in at around 222 kcal. I got 55 g mango, 85 g quark, and 45 ml orange juice into mine. Doubling the mango would add around 30-36 kcal and if you wanted to follow the original recipe, you should use 200 ml oat milk instead of 150 – which would add another 70 kcal.

I won’t make this again though – next time I want mango and spinach I’ll remake the green smoothie with kiwi, mango, orange and spinach, and if I want avocado it’ll be the avocado and strawberry smoothie, or maybe an avocado and raspberry smoothie I’ve not yet tried.

What recipes have you made and looked forward to only to then be disappointed by it?



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