mango and orange smoothie

Smoothies are probably one of the most variable breakfast foods, but I’ve never really thought of how much you actually can vary a smoothie until now. I think it’s often easy to get stuck in a rut and just make (or buy) the same thing over again, especially if you bulk-buy ingredients (which is usually cheaper of course).When you say ‘smoothie’ I bet a lot of people automatically think of something with strawberries and bananas in it. For example, mango is one of those things that I never thought of putting in a smoothie when I’ve made them without Googling recipes – the main reason being that I didn’t think I liked (or didn’t like) mango for a long time.

I remember my first encounter with mango. I was in primary school – first or second grade – and my teacher (who was fantastic by the way) had split the class into two working groups. She called one Mango and the other Papaya. Being a group of 7-8 year old Swedish kids in the 90’s, most of us had probably never seen a mango or papaya, never mind tasted one, and some of us probably didn’t even know they were fruits. So our teacher brought some in and let us taste them. I remember both being in group Papaya and thinking that papaya tasted the nicest – which is funny, because I don’t think I’ve eaten it since.

The years went by and from that experience I’d concluded that I didn’t like mango – but I’m not sure I if actually didn’t like it or if I just preferred papaya. Somewhere, somehow I ended up trying it again and realised that it wasn’t half bad. And that’s how it goes. Now I’ll have it in salads, smoothies, or just as a snack or as a healthy dessert.

20160805_184839 (2)

Ingredients (1 portion)

100g mango

3 oranges (juice)

125g quark or natural yogurt

20160806_094259 (2)

This smoothie is like sunshine in a cup – but I can’t call it a sunshine smoothie, because another recipe I’ve written down is actually called that! I mean, just look at the colour of it. Doesn’t it make you happy?

I had one large and two medium oranges, which gave me 250 ml juice. Based on that my smoothie came to 298 kcal. It should be said that in any smoothie where I use oranges, you can of course use bought orange juice instead, but I would recommend not to. Freshly squeezed orange juice doesn’t just taste better, it’s better nutritionally too – no added sugar or preservatives.

Next time I make this I might throw in a couple of raspberries too, I imagine that would be really nice.




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