avocado and strawberry smoothie

I realise that at the moment, this blog is much more about smoothies than ‘food’. The simple reason for that is that I’m currently trying out all the smoothie recipes I found online – making a different one each morning – while my dinners are often made in two, three, or four-portion quantities so I can bring leftovers to work for lunch.

Anyway, on to today, and to: avocado. When I say avocado, I’m guessing the word ‘healthy’ pops into your mind. In recent years it’s been branded a ‘health food’ and we’re constantly fed how avocado is a great source of good fat, and that we should put it in our bodies, in our hair, and even on our skin.

I discovered avocado a little before this health craze began. And when I say ‘discovered’, I mean I realised that you could do other things than guacamole! Avocado on rye bread with some lemon pepper, avocado with thin slices of turkey on sourdough, in salads, with chicken, or just halved with some skagenröra (Google it – it’s a Swedish mayonnaise based seafood mix). The one thing I hadn’t fully bought into was putting it in your smoothies. I didn’t think avocado would necessarily play out well with fruits and berries, and that maybe, just maybe, avocado smoothies were a bit of a fad. But avocado smoothies came and stayed, and eventually I had to admit myself defeated.

20160807_101227 (2)

Ingredients (1 portion)

0.5 avocado

150g strawberries

100g quark or natural yogurt

1 lime (juice)

100 ml milk

20160807_102123 (2)

There are a few smoothies that contain avocado on my to-try list, but I started with this one because it was the one with the fewest ingredients, and other than the avocado I didn’t need to go shopping before I could make it.

I did really like it, but I don’t think you can really taste the avocado. It feels like maybe it’s just there to make the smoothie healthier – but hey, that’s fine with me!

With 70g avocado, 2 tbsp lime juice, and skimmed milk, this smoothie came to 294 kcal. It had a really nice texture and colour, and felt both creamy and light at the same time.



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