green smoothie with kiwi, mango, spinach and orange

My first green smoothie! Well not by colour, but in the sense that it has veggies in it.

I’ve always seen all these green smoothies on health blogs and Instagram, but usually they have so many special ingredients that I just can’t be bothered. Chia seeds, spirulina, macha powder, coconut water, hemp, coconut oil, nut butter, baobab powder (say what?), nettle powder – take your pick. I don’t like coconut water and I’m not going to go buy all these trendy ‘health foods’ just to add a little to a smoothie that I may not even like enough to make again.

That’s why when I saw this recipe I thought it was a good starting point. I’d never had spinach in a smoothie before, so I didn’t know whether I would actually like it, and where this smoothie had more fruit than spinach I felt confident that I even if I didn’t love it I wouldn’t hate it. And I did like it. A lot. It’s so refreshing and almost tastes more like a fruit juice than a smoothie. Though it’s maybe not as healthy as the ‘traditional’ green smoothie, it’s definitely a Vitamin C kick, and probably great to boost your immune system now that people are starting to get back to work and kids will be going back to school soon.

20160804_070944 (2)

Ingredients (1 portion)

1 large kiwi

160 g frozen mango

50 g fresh spinach

1 large orange (juice)

1 lime (juice)

My kiwi and orange were both quite large. The kiwi came to 105 g and the orange gave me 200 ml of freshly squeezed juice. If you can’t find large kiwis and oranges I would probably get two. You can also use frozen spinach if you want, but I prefer fresh – that way I can also keep the leftovers and have with my dinners if I don’t use it all up in my smoothies. Frozen spinach just feels so watery and sloppy if you have it in food, in my opinion.

Just peel the kiwi and put in the blender with the frozen mango and spinach. Squeeze the juice out of the lime and orange, add to the blender, and mix. Ta-da!

20160804_071948 (2)

The calorie count is 279 kcal with a 105 g kiwi, 200 ml orange juice, and 50 ml lime juice. I added 50 g of spinach because that was all I could fit in my (750 ml) blender once the kiwi and mango was in there. I think this was quite a good balance between the green and the fruit, but if you want more spinach (and have a similar sized blender), I would recommend putting in the spinach first and then in between the kiwi and the mango (and maybe even some on top too if it fits). Once blended the mix doesn’t fill the container (I don’t even know that it came to 500 ml), but unblended it’s quite space-consuming.

I will definitely be making this again; it was really refreshing and made me feel like a good kick-start to the morning. I can also imagine that it would be a nice refresher after a cardio workout.



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