very pear-y smoothie

This smoothie-for-breakfast habit that I’m trying to build feels really good. I make the smoothie just before I leave home. I then get on my bike, cycle the 6 km to work, and sit down with my smoothie and the morning paper (on my screen) before everyone else gets in to work. I got in to the habit of being early when I was working in London and needed 30 minutes to start my day before my boss got in, and I can’t quite seem to shake it. Now I’m often only 10-15 minutes early though.

Anyway, this is an adapted recipe from my gym app. Their recipe uses tinned pears, mine uses fresh ones, and I’ve upped the quantity a lot. I think it turned out great, but I had a little too much pear! I almost couldn’t close the lid on the cup, so next time I’d use a little bit less pear.

I also think it would taste great with vanilla quark (or yogurt). If you use the tinned pears you of course get the added sweetness from the syrup. But if you use fresh pears like I did, vanilla would add some depth to the flavour.

20160802_071403 (2)

Ingredients (1 portion)

2 pears

100 g quark or natural/Greek yogurt

200 ml milk

Like I said, my pears were big. Cored and chopped up they weighed 418 g! I didn’t peel them, because we’re always told that the peel contains most of the nutrition. Then like always with a smoothie, you just put everything in the blender and go.

If you use tinned pears the recipe calls for 125 g. I would probably still use abut 200 g, because otherwise I think it’ll be too runny.

20160802_072912 (2)

As for the stats, my massive smoothie came to 347 kcal. If you swap my huge fresh pears for 200 g tinned pears it comes to 235 kcal.





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