kiwi smoothie with green tea

When I moved back to Sweden we had nothing house wise. Ok, that’s a lie, I had some baking stuff (plenty of cupcake cases!). But nothing else. And even if we had had things, the plugs (and possibly voltage) would have been wrong.

So when S and I first came over to set up the flat we started with the essentials, you know; a bed, some pots and pans, plates, cutlery, etc. But the more time passed the more I realised we’d need some other things too, so I bought a toaster, a waffle iron (very important), a hairdryer, and when I was looking around the shops my eyes kept going over to the smoothie makers. You know like the NutriBullet but less expensive.

I kept looking at this one blender, but I still didn’t think it was worth it. It wasn’t expensive, but I had better things to spend my money on (seeing as I had no income) and I thought that if I bought it, it would probably just end up in a cupboard somewhere not being used after a while anyway. Then on Saturday when I went food shopping my local ICA had the exact blender I’d been eyeing at almost half price. So I felt like that was more justifiable, and now that I’m cycling into work every morning I can feel quite hungry when I get there.

My first run was a strawberry and orange smoothie, but that will come on here another day because I didn’t take pictures. I didn’t know by then that I was going to decide to re-start blogging that evening!

My second run was a kiwi and green tea smoothie that I got from my gym’s app. They’ve started doing this thing where you can create your own training plans online, and you’ll get meal recommendations along with your training programmes. Several of the recipes actually look really nice and you’ll probably see them on here at some point.

20160801_071810 (2)

Ingredients (1 portion)

2 kiwis

200 ml skimmed milk

50 g quark (light)

25 ml strong green tea

First I want to say that quark isn’t readily available everywhere and you can just as well replace it with natural or Greek yogurt.

As you can imagine, this is not a very difficult recipe. You just peel the kiwi toss it all together and blend. I do have some side notes though: first, I would use more kiwis. I don’t think the kiwi flavour came through strongly enough, and I love kiwi. Second, it’s very runny. Next time I make it I’ll probably try at least three kiwis, with double the quark and half (or none) of the milk.

20160801_072607 (2)

And because smoothies often come with health labels I’ll include the calorie count as well. My version – with 200g kiwi and 0.1% fat quark – came to 190 kcal. Doubling the quark and removing the milk would leave it around the same, and adding another similar sized kiwi would up it to around 240 kcal.

Now I’m going to try to start every day with a healthy (and not just fruity sugar-packed) smoothie!




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